Public Programs

Art related Training Programs

Drawing, Music, Dancing

HR Management

Every manager is needed a certain level of HR Management to perform his/her duties up to the expected standards and this program is to fulfill that need.

Finance management

A program to develop the knowledge of managers on financial matters, without going into deep, which needed in day to day routine business practices.

Service Management

Facilitate participants to realize the essence in front line management and provide an insight and skills to manage the front line operations.

Skill Development Programs

Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, Technical Skills, Communication Skills

Leadership Training

We have developed the programs which can enhance the leadership abilities of individuals. The leadership programs have included all the areas which need to be a leader.

Personality Development

We are conducting personality development programs. Personality is a kind of most important thing in everyone’s life.

Performance Management

Profit and even sustainability of a corporate entity heavily based on the performance of the workforce engaged, and proper management is needed in sustaining and increasing their performance. This is the program tailored for that purpose.

Sales Development

Teamwork and loyalty are factors that develop in this program as those are vital for the motivation of sales personnel to maximize their selling abilities.

Language Development

We are conducting language development programs. In language development programs, we try to develop the individuals language usage.

Kids programs

We¬†help to develop your child’s future easier than ever! We’ve got the lowdown on everything from the city’s most innovative camps for kids to attend.

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In house Programs

Please email us your requirements. We will get back to you with in 2 days time with the training proposal. Please indicate your target group and the number of heads clearly.

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