3i Training solutions helps to develop your child’s future easier than ever! We’ve got the lowdown on everything from the city’s most innovative camps for kids to attend. You can have a perfect future for your children.

Beyond our extensive list of, athletics, and academic camps, you’ll find specialized experiences tailored to individual interests each kid.

We will also be offering our parents an opportunity to develop an interest in your kids’ mind about learning- especially about getting basic athletic practice and English language skill- outside their familiar learning environment.

Your children will be kept busy and active while learning new skills and making new friends.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your children are safe and well looked. By attending your child will be exposed to many new skills. It would be fun to develop their skills while becoming better athletes or by becoming better English speakers.

  • Social skills — Learning to get along with others.
  • Self-confidence — Developing a sense of self-worth.
  • Team building — Discovering how to work with others.
  • Leadership — Guiding and directing others.
  • Problem solving — Finding different ways to approach tasks.
  • Personal growth — Building self-esteem and recognizing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Health and fitness — Recognizing the value of staying active.

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