I think most of the topics we discussed are very useful in our business environment.- Business Leadership- 10.07.2015
Bank of Ceylon
Very good training program. No comments, Great. For a one day training program this is more than enough.- Capacity Building Workshop on Project management- 13.02.2016
Sri Lankan Airlines
Training program gave me a wide range of tools and increased my confidence in my capacity to manage projects.- Capacity Building Workshop on Project management- 13.02.201
Seylan Bank
I feel this training program will help to improve my leadership skills at handling my duties. I found it too practical.
I was impressed with the simplicity used of the training program and covered a lot in a short time. Trainer's coaching approach was great.
Everything is good. Super Presentation and positively engaged with program.MATRIX- Business Leadership- 09/01/2016
I was very impressed with how the technical knowledge was translated into usability in the field.- Capacity Building Workshop on Project management- 05/12/2015
Mas Silueta
It was so exciting and great experience for me. I never had this kind of experience before. I LOVE IT. Thank you very much and must say that you guys have excellent trainers. Feel like I want to do it again.
Dasuni Nanayakkara
A simple"Thank you"gose a long way... it uplifts someone's spirit and make him/her to do more good thinks.... so excellent job..... * 3i *
Ishara Yasanthi
I'm highly recommend this organization for you all employees training programs.
Dileepa Wattegama