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3i Training Solutions PVT Ltd is a national training company which is committed to providing highly customized training solutions for our clients. We are specialized in public and in house training solutions. We make every effort to deliver exceptional services and continuous follow ups to achieve excellent results throughout different sectors. No matter how big or small your business; we will always be committed to providing successful training solutions with the highest of standards.

Public Programs

Sales Development

Teamwork and loyalty are factors that develop in this program as those are vital for the motivation of sales personnel to maximize their selling abilities.

Personality Development

We are conducting personality development programs. Personality is a kind of most important thing in everyone’s life.

Performance Management

Profit and even sustainability of a corporate entity heavily based on the performance of the workforce engaged, and proper management is needed in sustaining and increasing their performance. This is the program tailored for that purpose.

Leadership Training

We have developed the programs which can enhance the leadership abilities of individuals. The leadership programs have included all the areas which need to be a leader.

Language Development

We are conducting language development programs. In language development programs, we try to develop the individuals language usage.

Kids programs

We¬†help to develop your child’s future easier than ever! We’ve got the lowdown on everything from the city’s most innovative camps for kids to attend.

Training Programs

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CIC Holdings
Cey Bank Asset Management
BCAS Campus
Bank of Ceylon
ATSL Internat (Pvt) Ltd
Astron Limited


Offbeat Imaging
Knowledge First
PMI Colombo Sri Lanka Chapter
Sahan Ranwala


  • I think most of the topics we discussed are very useful in our business environment.- Business Leadership- 10.07.2015
    Bank of Ceylon
  • Very good training program. No comments, Great. For a one day training program this is more than enough.- Capacity Building Workshop on Project management- 13.02.2016
    Sri Lankan Airlines
  • Training program gave me a wide range of tools and increased my confidence in my capacity to manage projects.- Capacity Building Workshop on Project management- 13.02.201
    Seylan Bank
  • I feel this training program will help to improve my leadership skills at handling my duties. I found it too practical.
  • I was impressed with the simplicity used of the training program and covered a lot in a short time. Trainer's coaching approach was great.
  • Everything is good. Super Presentation and positively engaged with program.MATRIX- Business Leadership- 09/01/2016
  • I was very impressed with how the technical knowledge was translated into usability in the field.- Capacity Building Workshop on Project management- 05/12/2015
    Mas Silueta
  • It was so exciting and great experience for me. I never had this kind of experience before. I LOVE IT. Thank you very much and must say that you guys have excellent trainers. Feel like I want to do it again.
    Dasuni Nanayakkara
  • A simple"Thank you"gose a long way... it uplifts someone's spirit and make him/her to do more good thinks.... so excellent job..... * 3i *
    Ishara Yasanthi
  • I'm highly recommend this organization for you all employees training programs.
    Dileepa Wattegama
  • I loved it and wish I could go back.the best out Boundry training ever and thanks to this i got so many friends which I didn't even say hi earlier
    Suvini Premadasa
  • Actually it was a amazing OBT ever. I got lot of things from u 3i team. I never participated such a programme before.knowledge, Adventure,Thrill, curiosity & amusement every things were there. I loveit. Thank u guys lot.
    Thilini Dimansa

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